New Beginnings

The whole social media, website, newsletter, etc stuff can get so complicated and time consuming it leaves no time for other things like, oh painting maybe.  I’m figuring that I can spend a great deal of time trying to keep up with all of the different platforms and keep people informed in each one or I can choose to go with one platform for everything.  My goal is to use this site for everything but to also keep it fun and informative.

On this site, I’ll inform buyers and dealers of my latest painting and photography endeavors and where they are available or can be made available. Anybody interested in artwork will be able to click a page and there will be all the options. Actually, that is the ultimate goal, at least!

Next, I’ll keep folks up on potential classes and workshops coming up and where each one is located.  It will be a lot easier to have one platform that will show all classes.  I would love to hear from people on preferences for how that will work on the site.  I can have a page to click on or a calendar on the front page or a calendar on both pages.  Whatever will make it the easiest for everybody is how I want to set this up.

Tips and demonstrations is an area I’m looking for options to set up.  I have been exploring podcasts and other similar formats to show the latest painting techniques so that I can share new things and help others with their skills.  And possibly add a section for questions and answers for people who are working through issues in their own art.  If I can figure out how to do it, I’d like to add a forum for group critique like we do in the workshops so we can all help each other.

And I’d like to add what I’m doing in my own art.  Where I’m going with my work and where I’d like to see it going.  The gallery will be one avenue for that.  The blog is another.

After much trial and error, this is where I have ended up.  Opinions are always helpful. Please let me know what yours are!


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