News and Updates from Mary Gwyn


After working with Mail Chimp and WordPress  I have decided to keep my communications to my Word Press blog.  For me it seems to be the easiest platform for communication and for regular information sharing and feedback.  It’s easier for me to receive and answer questions too! I will be adding all my current and former student email addresses.  If you can let me know if you do not want yours added, I will not add it. If it gets added before you let me know, it should be fairly simple for you to remove yours if you choose to.  If you have any trouble, just let me know and I will remove it for you.

I’ll be combining information on upcoming workshops and classes with other info and art techniques, things that may be helpful on your art journey.  And I’ll be covering my own work in hopes that it helps you with yours.

It should be easier for you to submit questions in this format.  I will do my best to answer as fast as possible.  Please feel free to include photos with your questions.  If you get stumped in your work, talking about it may help.  The goal with this is to eventually have a way to set up group critique like we do in workshops so everyone can share with each other.  The plan at this point is to limit the critiques to present and past workshop participants only who are familiar with how we do our critiques in class.

This fall brings lots of changes and some new and/or returning things.  First up in October is the Botanical Painting Fall Flowers workshop at Watkins College of Art in Nashville on October 6th, followed by the return of Artists in Healthcare also at Watkins on October 20th.  November will bring an exciting new and fun two-day workshop on making your own holiday cards from your original artwork, (more on this one later!).

Hope to see you all in Fall!!

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