Zooming Botanical Painting

“All you need to paint is a few tools, a little instruction, and a vision in your mind.” 
― Bob Ross

Adapting to new ways of teaching has been my focus for the past two months. Yesterday was the first Zoom workshop in Botanical watercolor. It went amazingly well. It was not as difficult as I had imagined. This could be a very good way of teaching for a number of reasons. For this first workshop, the participants were artists I had worked with previously, so their styles were all familiar.

Yellow flowers were the best option for this trial because they required fewer glazes of color. The workshop was held to a two hour format. Two people were able to completely finish their paintings except for some minor finishing touches. The other two were more than halfway to completion. For future workshops, I believe the 2 hour format is probably best but depending on the type of flower and whether or not the artists are beginners or advanced. More complicated flowers could be a series of 2 hour workshops. Beginners could be offered a series as well.

All in all, the zooming was a great platform for teaching botanical art. I am excited to set up some more. Additionally in the works, is a gallery page for workshop attendees to showcase their work here! The guide to daffodil painting will soon be available, as well.

Looking forward to this new adventure! All suggestions welcome!!

5 thoughts on “Zooming Botanical Painting

  1. The ZOOM session was so much fun! It was great to connect to other artist and encourage each other with creativity. Great idea with the current circumstances present at this time!


  2. The ZOOM was so much fun! It was great connecting with other artist and sharing and encouraging creativity! It was a great idea and I will definitely participate again!

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  3. I think it is floral workshop because when we announce “botanical” it’s usually very realistic, even hyperrealistic drawing or painting.
    I never dared to call my floral art ” botanical” because I assume it is still too loose realism.
    I am wondering whether Zoom is free for small groups. Is it ok to just use phone? I would love to try, but simply didn’t have time to explore it closer.
    Daffodils look nice!


    1. I know what you mean about floral or botanical. I like to teach a very simplified version of botanical painting to keep it to a soft and soothing painting style. Some of the more technically advanced botanical painting styles, to me, require a bit more focus and concentration. The daffodil painting guide is free but the future zoom workshops will carry a small fee depending on number of hours for each workshop. My plan is to keep the cost low for now to be able to make it available for the maximum number of people. Each group will remain small and a phone will work nicely. I’ll post when the next zoom will be. Hope to see you there!! Thanks for commenting and happy painting!!


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