3-Part Sunflower Zoom Class

Sunflower-1-8/20Coming in late August will be the first painting Zoom Workshop that I have offered.  After a trial run in June, I have discovered that a Zoom workshop is very possible.  My fear was that I could not give the personal attention I love in a Zoom format.  The trial run made it abundantly clear that it would not be difficult to interact with individuals and their art in a Zoom workshop.  With that said, the first official Zoom workshop will be a 3 part series on sunflowers.  I love sunflowers!

In this 3 part series, I will cover all three aspects of completing a finished sunflower painting in a botanical style.  In my method of teaching, I prefer a watercolor over pencil approach to capture wonderful detail, rich variations of dark and light, and the velvety appearance of flowers.  Step one is getting the basic outline drawing with arrangement on the page by making a preliminary drawing on drawing paper to facilitate the ability to try out different positions of the flower in the picture plane.  Once the preferred outline drawing is complete, the technique of tracing the drawing will be described and assisted beginning with how to use tracing paper to transfer the drawing and the other necessary tools.

Sunflower drawing-2-07/20Stage two will cover the process of creating an underdrawing.  Attention will paid to proper pencil and various shading techniques.  Its the really fun stage, at least to me!  This stage always makes me think its the place where we get to fool the viewer.  At the same time, I hate to cover up a good drawing.  I love drawing.  Yet its the good drawing that makes the wonderful painting.

Who doesn’t love laying on the color? The paint stage takes the drawing and layers color on top.  The icing on the cake where the finishing touches are made.  Its easier to get daring with the icing.  Make all kinds of beautiful things with layers of color.  We might even do some tricks with a few color games.  Just our secret!


Enrollment in the first Zoom starts next week.  Costs will be per session for three sessions.  $25 for each of three sessions, lasting two hours each or $60 if signing up for all three sessions at one time.  I’ll be posting more next week about it.  Feel free to message me with questions


3 thoughts on “3-Part Sunflower Zoom Class

  1. Mary Gwyn,

    I am interested. Do you dates and times yet? I’ll be back at work full time then but would love to make it work if I can.

    I was at Radnor yesterday remembering how fun but how hot our class was there last summer. 🙂


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    1. Hi Lucinda! I don’t have times yet but could potentially do them in the evenings. Once I get it set up I will offer it with a choice of times.


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