Pencil Games-Watercolor-Part 2

Derwent 4H, 6H, and 9H under watercolor

The testing for the next group of pencils under paint had some good and some not so good results. The main reason for the not so good results was that the not so good group was not of the H type of graphite pencil.  They were softer and more suited to drawing or for use in the preliminary sketch phase.  When pencil testing gets to that stage of the steps to the finished painting, we will revisit the pencils that didn’t make it for this test.  My hunch is that we will find some nice surprises there.  In the meantime, we’re onward to the final testing of the pencils for under drawing. 

Once again to keep variables to a minimum, the same three paint colors were used, Permanent Rose, Sap Green and Lemon Yellow all from Winsor & Newton’s Professional line of watercolor tube paints.  The same calla lily was the subject of each painting.

The Derwent pencils were true to their reputation as an exceptionally fine pencil.  That held through each painting.  There was no downside to the Derwent H pencils as the painting shows.  The Derwent pencils are in the same category as the Prismacolor Turquoise series., very nice pencils to use in a wide range of under paintings. These versatile pencils can meet all the needs of this technique.  Personal preference reigns.

Tomboy Hi-Precision Drafting 2H, 5H, 6H

Tombow Hi-precision Mono drafting series are an addictively smooth flowing pencil. The ease with which they glide over your drawing is a feeling that could easily grow on you., spoiling you to other pencils.  The gliding quality of Tombow held true through the under painting giving a beautiful luminous depth to the shadows without overtaking the paint.  A personal preference for Tombow could quickly lead to an addiction but don’t blame me! I warned you.

Blackwing Pearl

Blackwing pencils in the Palomino and 602 varieties are clearly not the pencils for use as an under watercolor drawing technique.  However, they are a joy to use for drawing in general.  My plan is to revisit the Blackwing’s when we start the testing for the preliminary drawing.  My hunch is this is another addictive pencil when used in its specialty, drawing.  The Blackwing pencils flow freely over the paper with a light smoothness making drawing a pleasure for its own sake.  They are must haves for a drawing box.

Blackwing 602

In wrapping up materials testing in the under drawing phase of creating a botanical style watercolor, every pencil I tried had its own wonderful points.  I’ve learned the value of each pencil.  In the coming weeks, I’ll be deciding if one will be the one I stick with.  Availability may play into my decisison.  We’ll see.  Stay tuned.  Let me know if you conduct your own pencil testing.  That ends this phase of the pencil games!  Happy painting!

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