Monday Morning Birds

Great Blue Heron, oil on canvas

Whenever possible, it is important for me to see what the bird population is up to. Painting birds creates a need to constantly see what they are up. Confessing to not being up on all the important bits of bird info, chasing them around with a camera can yield a lot of familiarity. Sun on a feather, color in light and shadow, stance, flight, and even personality become more evident in the physical world where they live. Great Blue Herons have a quirky personality that mirrors their gawky honk.

From camera to canvas, the personality has to stay intact. Easier said then done. How can a quirky personality show up through the paint? Its a work in progress that will probably take much continued practice. It will take some focused time and patience. Since I love watching these guys, I’m on it. Probably some sort of addiction. I can think of worse things than to be addicted to painting birds!

This Great Blue was watching boats going through the main channel of Kentucky Lake. He watched them going by for quite a while until he finally let out a squawk of disgust, turned away and flew off over the trees. Evidently, there were two many boats disrupting his fishing place. Maybe he’ll find a quieter spot off in a sheltered cove. He was probably thinking what strange creatures humans are, floating around on the water when they could be fishing for lunch like he was.

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