Coloring a Gray Day

Morning glories on a cloudy day

Cloudy days can make it so hard to look for some beauty to paint. Wandering around in my august garden, it dawned on my that the flowers don’t seem to know or care that the sun is not shining today. They are blooming away as usual. I tend to associate morning glories with the bright sunshine of the early morning. But here they are showing off their bright faces on a gloomy, gray day.

If the lack of sunshine doesn’t bother the flowers, why should it bother me? When my day seems cloudy and gray inside and out, a look toward the flowers changes all that. How can I see gloom when these bright blooms are valiantly waving their little faces? The flowers have a message. It is up to me to hear. When all seems doom and gloom, lift up your head any way and pay no mind to the the gray, for the sun is still shining in the colorful faces all around.

Time to take up the paper, pencil and brush and bring some color to the gray day. Who can be downcast with a bright happy face to bring to life on the paper.

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