Bluebird on a Twig, oil on canvas

Who came up with the Bluebird of Happiness? Its a phrase I remember hearing my whole life but have no idea of the origin. Watching bluebirds for photos and to paint from gives me the Why? Just not the who. When that flash of brilliant Cobalt goes flitting across the field of vision there is no way to keep from smiling. They stand out so brightly from all around them. Some would argue that cardinals stand out more. I don’t agree. To me, it is bluebirds who stand out.

This summer I have had more luck than usual in photographing bluebirds. Most of the time they are very shy like this little fella peaking out from his bird house. That quick flash of blue flies by and into the house before I have time to catch him in the camera lens. But this year has been different. Maybe they are bolder than usual.

Bluebird on a Twig, photo

I have seen more of them this year and I have painted more of them than usual. Cobalt is the perfect paint color for their beautiful blue back, head and wings, while Indian Yellow has been my go to paint for the orange chest. Some would argue that yellow does not make orange but in the case of the bluebird breast, it does. Indian Yellow never fails but occasionally I’ll add a bit of Winsor Red to make it really stand out.

Two Bluebirds and Bluebird and Cardinal in the Snow are two of my favorites. The two in the snow was put onto a pillow by Fine Art America. It made a nice pillow if I do say so myself! After talking about Cobalt Blue last Friday, I had to put bluebirds on the painting agenda for this week. Indian Yellow may pop up this Friday. Its a color with an interesting history.

Monday Morning Birds became Monday Afternoon Birds this week. We were out of town this week end without internet service.