Trusting The Magic

“And suddenly you know.  Its time to start something new and trust the magic of new beginnings.”  Meister Johann Eckhart (from The Painter’s Keys)

Right now everything feels tired, dusty and in need of spring cleaning. All my inspiration is jumbled up and desperately in need of clear organization. One of those artistic blocks hit me square in the face. Where do I go from here? Looking back through photos, I searched for something to hit me. Finally it did. It was there all along. What is old, is new again. Using new eyes to look in new ways.

What is the magic of new beginnings?  A paraphrasing of the dictionary definition of magic calls it a power that allows people to do impossible things.  “Impossible things” is a wide-open description that could mean anything and everything.  Many artists struggle to create a vision that lives inside.  Freeing this vision feels impossible, insurmountable.  Yet this vision, this inner voice is crying out.  It wants to sing but how?

Sometimes it’s necessary to sweep out all the old visions, the old thought processes.  That inner voice wants to sing but can’t.  There’s too much Old Stuff hanging around blocking the view.  The voice can’t see it’s way clear to freedom, to expression.  It’s easier for an artist to quash the voice than to deal with the Old Stuff.  That Old Stuff has been around a long time.  It’s soft and worn and comfortable.  Anything new would require the work of breaking in.  Who wants to break in the new?  The old is so comfortable.  It’s too much trouble to change. Why bother?

That old stuff maybe tired, faded and dusty but does that really mean it must be thrown out?  Breaking in the new is a fresh adventure, a new beginning.  Opening a path for the new voice to sing feels impossible but it’s really quite simple.  All it needs is a little trust.  Once that voice is free to sing impossible things can happen.  The impossible makes even the oldest rustiest tin can sing like the sweet sound of a meadowlark.   New singing just may come from that old can. The impossible is happening.  That old can is singing the sweet sound of a new song.  And that is magic.

Some time ago, I wrote most of this about new beginnings. Its a theme in art. It has come round again but needed a new look. I’m glad I went back and looked. Fresh inspiration has come from the old!

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