Wildflower Wandering

Black-eyed Susan, watercolor

It rained this weekend when I would usually have my camera out tracking wading birds since I was visiting Kentucky Lake. The birds were hunkered down somewhere hiding from the wetness, (weird for birds that hang around water). Instead we decided to head over to The Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area to check out the early autumn wildflowers. They were out in abundance not bothered by the damp at all, perhaps even enhanced by it. Some I knew by sight. Others I will have to look up in my trusty field guide to wildflowers. Feel free to chime in with identification help!


Thistle was abundant all along the road, sometimes popping up in the middle of a clump of Black-eyed Susans. Thistle always reminds me to stop and send out a prayer for the women who are helped at Thistle Farms in Nashville, TN. Lots of Nashvillians collect the thistle growing on roadsides to send to Thistle Farms to be made into useful gifts to be sold in support of the women who find refuge and healing in the program. Check out their products and support their work here.

Passion Flower showed up in one roadside field. There were only a few blooms and I almost missed them. A popular flower for butterfly enthusiasts, it is also popular with hummingbirds and bees. Herbalists say passionflower tea is a safe tea to drink at bedtime for those having a hard time sleeping. The passionflower legend is another story for another time.

Thistle and Passionflower will keep me busy painting for awhile. Then I will have to focus on coming up with the identities of the rest of my wildflower finds on the backroads of The Land Between the Lakes.

Please let me know any of the names of the flowers in this slideshow:

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