Monday Morning Birds-Chickadees

Four Chickadees, oil on canvas

Like little sprites flitting around in the trees, chickadees look like miniature fun guys. I can’t help but smile when I see them with their little black caps and collars,with snowy white scarfs around their necks like their ears are always cold. Just a dab of yellow creeps up their otherwise snowy chests brightening up the lack of color in their choice of attire. How do they keep the white bits so clean and bright? I don’t see them very often in my bird bath so they must be taking their suits to the cleaners on a regular basis.

2 Chickadees in the snow, oil on canvas

Chickadees are always chattering in the trees. They seem to never be at a loss for things to say. When I paint them, I find myself imagining what they are saying to each other. Are they gossiping about what Cindy Chickadee wore yesterday? Or maybe Charlie Chickadee ate all the good seeds from the feeder again. You know how he is! Or the others are wondering if Cindy and Charley are whispering sweet nothings to each other because of all those long starry eyed gazes they are sharing.

Chickadee Friends, oil on canvas

The Chatty Chickadees could be saying just about anything since I can’t translate Chick language. Can you? They could very well be saying, “I wish that crazy lady would put down her paint brush and refill the feeder! That pesky cardinal has been at the sunflower seeds again.” At least that’s what Clarence, Connie, Carly and Cassie are saying. Cindy and Charlie are still starring deeply into each other’s eyes.

Chickadee in the Rain, Photo

So if you are out and about, and you hear chattering going on above your head, look up. It just may be the Chickadees. Ask them what they’re saying. But don’t be surprised if you get the same kind of a look like Calvin Chickadee over here is giving my camera. Don’t worry about it though. Calvin doesn’t have enough sense to come in out of the rain. Neither do any of his buddies. They must like to get all soggy. Evidently, rain won’t make them melt.

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