Zoom, Zoom-Sketching

Hummingbird, ink on paper

The hummingbirds are migrating. They are moving so fast, zooming all around the feeders. Earlier in the summer, I had 2 regular visitors to the 3 feeders in the back yard and 2 regular visitors to the feeders in the front yard. Are these guys swarming around the feeders now their kids or friends passing through on the way to winter homes? There are least 10 of them. in back. Maybe 5 or 6 in the front.

I sat quietly in the backyard and watched. I attempted to draw. One of the problems I have with pencils is that I want to use an eraser. That slows the drawing process down immensely. With these fast moving guys, there is no possible way to slow down. Its hard enough to keep with them as it is. There’s just no other option but to go for the ink pen. No special pen. Just a standard every day ink pen. It’s the only I thought I could move fast enough.

Iris, silverpoint

Every now and then in moments of boredom, I’ll pull a pen out of my purse and scribble on whatever scrap of paper I can find. My favorite is copy paper. Sitting somewhere with out a lot of time, there is no other option but to work fast. It turns into a great exercise in getting the action or the structure fast without the work of erasing when it doesn’t work right. With a pen, creativity takes over to get it right. No going back. That type of drawing is the technique necessary in silverpoint drawing. Ink sketching is a great practice for silverpoint.

Cardinal, ink on paper

A few years ago, I did an iris one afternoon on day when work had been unusually slow. Yes I know there were things to be done but after a long day, a few minutes of drawing gave me the energy boost to finish the long day. Another time, it was cardinals while sitting through another long wait. In both situations, there wasn’t time to think or concentrate. It was more or less a bit of doodling. But I love those quick pen and ink drawings.

Watching the zooming hummers took me back to those quick copy paper sketches. There’s just no other way to get the movement of these guys down than fast ink sketches. With no time to think, it’s a good exercise in going with the feeling. It is also a great stress reliever. Like killing two birds with one stone. NO! No bird killing allowed!

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