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Colorful Fridays–Healthy, Love Inspiring Yellow

Hanna Yellow is a beautiful, transparent, non-toxic yellow in both oil and watercolor

Pencil Games-Watercolor-Part 2

The testing for the next group of pencils under paint had some good and some not so good results. The main reason for the not so good results was that the not so good group was not of the H type of graphite pencil.  They… Continue Reading “Pencil Games-Watercolor-Part 2”

Pencil Games

My pencil is like a fencer’s foil. Andrew Wyeth Delicate under drawings for watercolor botanical painting are vital to the success of the finished artwork in a specific technique. Using the best pencil is an essential part of that success.  In the my work,… Continue Reading “Pencil Games”

Colorful Fridays–Wallet Friendly, Fire Engine Red.

  The very-expensive, highly-toxic Vermilion red was replaced by the lesser expensive and less toxic Cadmium reds in artist’s palettes in the nineteenth century.   Less toxic and less expensive was less than perfect so the search for the perfect red continued.   Eventually, chemists came… Continue Reading “Colorful Fridays–Wallet Friendly, Fire Engine Red.”

Poetic Musings

“I want to paint the way a bird sings.” Claude Monet Sometimes I wish I could compose beautiful poetry.  If I could, I’d write some lines about the beauty of a bird in flight, the graceful curve of the wing, the focused determination in the… Continue Reading “Poetic Musings”

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