Category: botanical painting

Colorful Fridays-Essential Forgettable Dirty Yellow

Today’s Yellow Ochre is almost entirely made in a lab but don’t let that keep you from choosing this originally earth based paint in the painting of earth subjects.

Colorful Fridays-Berry, Berry Grass Green

The green of spring, leaves and grass cannot happen without the wonder of Sap Green.

The Union of Art and Science

When science and art work together, the result is pure genius.

Falling for fall

Fall is a great time for nature journaling and field sketching in the great outdoors, followed up with Botanical Style watercolor painting in the studio.

Colorful Fridays- Misunderstood, Mispronounced Exploding Yellow

Aureolin Yellow is a Misunderstood, Mispronounced Exploding Yellow that is still a must have for botanical painting.

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