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Colorful Fridays-The Rosy Red Siblings

“Red is obviously such a stimulating color, it has so many connotations.”P.J. Harvey Quinacridone Red and its Quin siblings, Rose and Magenta, cannot call up an intriguing history. No ancient minerals or archaic farming practices discovered these beautiful bluish reds. No Old Masters can… Continue Reading “Colorful Fridays-The Rosy Red Siblings”

The Union of Art and Science

When science and art work together, the result is pure genius.

Tuesday Morning Bird-Sparrow

The House Sparrow, in spite of its drab appearance, is an amazing little singing survivor.

Colorful Fridays-Rich Man’s Blue

Artists, like Vermeer, who wanted the perfect blue paint had to choose the high cost of this blue made from a semi-precious mineral.

Colorful Fridays-Shady Green

For the perfect shadows in painting, viridian green is a must have for the paintbox.

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