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Colorful Fridays- Misunderstood, Mispronounced Exploding Yellow

Aureolin Yellow is a Misunderstood, Mispronounced Exploding Yellow that is still a must have for botanical painting.

Zoom Workshops open

Registration for ZOOM Botanical Painting Workshops in Sunflowers and/or Pansies in 3-part series on each.

Fall Blooms at the Belmont Mansion

Botanical Watercolor Painting is the subject for this two day workshop at the Belmont Mansion in Nashville, Tennessee on September 26th and 27th.

Coloring a Gray Day

Cloudy days can make it so hard to look for some beauty to paint. Wandering around in my august garden, it dawned on my that the flowers don’t seem to know or care that the sun is not shining today. They are blooming away… Continue Reading “Coloring a Gray Day”

Colorful Fridays–Healthy, Love Inspiring Yellow

Hanna Yellow is a beautiful, transparent, non-toxic yellow in both oil and watercolor

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