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Pencil Games-Watercolor-Part 2

The testing for the next group of pencils under paint had some good and some not so good results. The main reason for the not so good results was that the not so good group was not of the H type of graphite pencil.  They… Continue Reading “Pencil Games-Watercolor-Part 2”

Sunflower Meanderings

“I want to be like a sunflower, so that even on darkest days I will stand tall and find sunlight.” Unknown   Sunflowers are so intriguing, so fascinating.  Why?  Like a magnet, when I hear about a field of sunflowers, the pull is so… Continue Reading “Sunflower Meanderings”

3-Part Sunflower Zoom Class

These workshops will cover 3-steps to creating beautiful, detailed botanical watercolor paintings

Pencil Games-Paint Stage-First group

Testing a number of pencils by creating drawings of calla lilies with different brands, gave me a good feel for the lightness/darkness factor of each brand as well as, amount of pressure needed with each.  While all were nice drawing pencils, some had different… Continue Reading “Pencil Games-Paint Stage-First group”

Colorful Fridays–Redless Monkey Yellow

  “Happiness is Gamboge, ennui is grey…” Jonathan Meades   The most beautiful warm glowing yellows in paintings are often the result of the liberal use of the orangey yellow Gamboge.  So warm and glowing is this color that it is said to be… Continue Reading “Colorful Fridays–Redless Monkey Yellow”

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