Growing up with Magic

A look at the magical, mysterious Reelfoot Lake and the beauty of its wildlife.

Colorful Fridays-Blow Out Blue

“If you see a tree as blue, then make it blue.”  Paul Gauguin (from Sensational Color) Phthalo Blue is anything but a soft, peaceful calming blue.  Phthalo Blue will knock the socks off of any mix it comes in contact with.  Phthalo Blue is not for the feeble hearted.  Generally blues are thought to be … Continue reading Colorful Fridays-Blow Out Blue

Chasing Inspiration

Great Blue Heron, oil on canvas These beautiful wading birds capture my imagination every time I see one. I would love to pinpoint exactly why but can't. At times, I am awed by the sheer elegance of Great Blues as they take off for flight. Other days they seem to be playing hide and seek. … Continue reading Chasing Inspiration