An Eye for a Fall Paw

“Without the name, any flower is still, more or less a stranger to you,” John Burroughs This past Saturday’s Fall Flowers painting workshop featured some interesting flower varieties in the beautiful shades of purple, yellow, and rusty reds that so characterize autumn. The Community Education Department of Watkins College of Art supplies the flowers adding an … More An Eye for a Fall Paw

Fall is in the Air, and on the Tables, and on the Porches!!

“No one can keep on being angry if she looks into the heart of a pansy for a little while.” Ruth Maude Montgomery Fall flowers are some of my favorites, almost as much as spring flowers, maybe!  I think of fall flowers as the last bits of vivid color before the season of brown and … More Fall is in the Air, and on the Tables, and on the Porches!!

Corny Cormorants

  Taking the boat ride down the Wakulla River in North Florida, the main entertainment on this steamy, rainy summer day was the wacky antics of the resident cormorants.  Swimming, diving, fanning their wings and generally just hanging out with their turtle friends ignoring the humans passing by.  They made me chuckle with their expressive … More Corny Cormorants

For the Birds

Birds look at us, and they’re glad that we can’t fly. We look at them, and we wish that we could.” ― Anthony T. Hincks  Goodreads Most of my art practice and teaching up until a couple of years ago, focused almost entirely on landscape and botanical subjects. The landscapes have been a sort of expressionist/impressionist outpouring … More For the Birds