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Colorful Fridays- Misunderstood, Mispronounced Exploding Yellow

Aureolin Yellow is a Misunderstood, Mispronounced Exploding Yellow that is still a must have for botanical painting.

Coloring a Gray Day

Cloudy days can make it so hard to look for some beauty to paint. Wandering around in my august garden, it dawned on my that the flowers don’t seem to know or care that the sun is not shining today. They are blooming away… Continue Reading “Coloring a Gray Day”

Colorful Fridays–Wallet Friendly, Fire Engine Red.

  The very-expensive, highly-toxic Vermilion red was replaced by the lesser expensive and less toxic Cadmium reds in artist’s palettes in the nineteenth century.   Less toxic and less expensive was less than perfect so the search for the perfect red continued.   Eventually, chemists came… Continue Reading “Colorful Fridays–Wallet Friendly, Fire Engine Red.”

A Tale of Two Roses

In the ongoing process of making a better rose, at least in painting one, new tools are always being sought, tried and incorporated into the technique.  Art supply stores are the garden where new tools are harvested.  On one particular scouting expedition, I was overjoyed at… Continue Reading “A Tale of Two Roses”

Treasuring Fall Risks

Fall appears to be taking its sweet time this year.  The colors have been changing for about four weeks or so, as far as I can tell. I picked up the first red leaf I saw weeks ago and brought it home to press… Continue Reading “Treasuring Fall Risks”

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