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Monday Morning Birds-Hummingbirds

Painting the magical little emerald green whirling dervishes known as hummingbirds.

Monday Morning Birds-Chickadees

Like little sprites flitting around in the trees, chickadees look like miniature fun guys. I can’t help but smile when I see them with their little black caps and collars,with snowy white scarfs around their necks like their ears are always cold. Just a… Continue Reading “Monday Morning Birds-Chickadees”

Monday Morning Birds-Bluebird

Bluebirds are as fun to paint as they are to photograph.

Monday Morning Birds

Exploring Kentucky Lake with my camera for Great Blue Herons and painting inspiration.

A Very Humbling Story

Watkins College of Art This beautiful article was a humbling thing to read but I was also quite proud of the things it highlights.  The Art to Heart Project  was a three year project from start to finish and quite involved. It took another… Continue Reading “A Very Humbling Story”

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