I’m Mary Gwyn
(2 first names-its a family thing!)

The two first name things can confuse some folks! I am an artist, art educator and registered nurse. The beauty and color of nature is what captures my heart and what i want to pass on through my art and my teaching. My grandmother taught me to love flowers and gardens as I wandered behind her as a child when she worked in hers. Teaching Botanical Painting is a favorite subject for me and a legacy to my grandmother. Her sister, my great aunt shared her love of birds and instilled in me the magic of winged friends. The drama of light on water, the magic of birds flitting around in the trees or wading in the water, the glorious colors of a sunset all provide endless inspiration for me. Botanical style painting, to me, is a great way to keep the garden going all year round. Wildlife photography is a newly added passion that blends in perfectly with my passion for nature.

Painting Workshops by Zoom is my newest adventure! As we are all staying closer to home, we can still engage in art learning. Join a workshop or book an individual or private group workshop.

The Magic of Flowers

3-Step Botanical Style Flower Painting

In this workshop we cover the 3-Step process to creating beautiful and accurate paintings of plants and flowers. Step 1 starts the process of a preliminary drawing that we then transfer using tracing paper to watercolor paper. Step 2 is where we create a detailed under-drawing with a series of H pencils for rich depth and detail. Step 3 Paint!! Using the technique of layering or glazing with paint called washes, we will build layers of color for velvety texture and amazing color.

These workshops can be booked in 2 hour sessions for each step. The 3 sessions can be broken up over weeks or days. They can also be booked in one 6 hour day session. See the calendar for availability.

Individual Sessions

One on one sessions can be booked when personal attention is needed if facing a particular problem. Individual instruction available in Botanical Style Watercolor, Pastels or Oil painting. One on One sessions can also be booked for individual critique. Critique sessions are great if you need feedback or are confused on where your painting is going. One on One sessions are very helpful when stuck on a problem. These are 50 minute sessions with Mary Gwyn.

Group Private Workshops

Work better with your friends? Would you like to have a workshop for co-workers? Booking a closed session for you and others is a great choice. For group workshops, there is a minimum of 2 people required.


.“I grew up in a family of gardeners and people who like to be outdoors, so I learned young to love nature,” she says. “Just the beauty and colors and drama, and it’s just a natural evolving from that.”

Mary Gwyn Bowen on nature as an art subject, from The Pipeline at Watkins College of Art, Nashville, TN

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